Optics Design

Eritek has many years of expertise in the optical sciences.  For optical design requirements, Eritek uses software tools such as Zemax Optical Design Studio, Matlab, MathCad, and Solidworks.  Each of these design tools is used to handle various aspects of optical system design, ranging from the specific surface and material details of lens and/or mirror components, to the modeling aspects of characterizing how an optical design will perform, to the mechanical design of the housing and interfaces.

Eritek staff have decades of experience in optical systems design, with prior projects that have tackled challenges in the following fields:

  • Free-space optical and laser communications
  • Large-aperture astronomical instrumentation and telescopes (including “facility-class” observatory instrumentation)
  • Spectroscopy
  • Camera system design (including lens and mirror systems)
  • Interferometers
  • Atmospheric measurements

Eritek has significant experience in working with optical systems that are intended for the infrared, especially the Near and Short-wave (NIR and SWIR) spectral regions.  In addition, our experience working with high sensitivity infrared instruments that operate throughout the full infrared spectrum has led to expertise in the areas of vacuum systems and cryo-cooled optics, and design of such systems required to support the instrumentation.