Mathematical Modeling and Signal Processing

Mathematical Modeling and Signal Processing

Eritek engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in mathematical modeling, signal processing, and algorithm development, and have utilized our expertise in these areas to assist a variety of customers in solving challenging problems.  Our staff has a strong understanding of communication theory, control systems, optics, mechanical systems, and certain natural phenomenon, and has applied computer modeling expertise to simulate and analyze complex systems from a host of disciplines, such as wireless communications, electrical and mechanical control systems, image processing, optical pointing and tracking, and atmospheric absorption/scattering.  In particular, Eritek engineers have experience in simulating and processing RF communication signals and systems at the physical layer, including modulation/demodulation, FEC coding/encoding, carrier and symbol tracking, channel equalization, and channel impairments.

Software Modeling

Eritek combines an extensive knowledge of signals and systems with a proficiency in several computer programming and modeling languages, including Matlab, Python, LabView, VisSim, Simulink, X-Midas, Fortran, C/C++, and assembly, uniquely positioning the team to tackle difficult problems.

They have used their knowledge of digital signal processing (DSP) to design, model, and implement unique, sophisticated waveforms, such as shift orthogonal constant envelope modulation (SOCEM) and discrete-time chaotic modulation and detection schemes.  Eritek designed and coded the VisSim/Comm communications module for the VisSim simulation environment, and have used these modules to create an SDR for SOCEM and other communications systems.  The Eritek team has also modeled threat detectors and analyzed the LPI performance for secure RF waveforms.  Eritek developed software for motor, laser, and IR camera control systems and applied knowledge of signal and statistical processing to implement image analysis software for feature detection within IR image collections.

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